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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by hatakemandi View Post
Part one.....hmmm, i know when i first started watching naruto i thought he was an annoying twit.....and.....that's PART ONE!!! hmmmmmm. and this is how many years ahead? 3? Jeesh, yeah, he might of been a bit of a bastard in the beginning.....but to call him an asshole now for something back retarded.
I didn't see this before. The thread was asking wether or not we thought he was an asshole for the way he acted in part 1, I was giving my opinions on why he seemed to be a 'bastard' in part 1. The question portains to part 1, not part 2. So it's not retarded, it's answering a question. I for one, think it's retarded that you can't debate without throwing in insults.

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