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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by Sauron View Post
wait so are you saying that jaraiya taught naruto the rasengan to fight kabuto? he had no idea he would go up against him. plus naruto almost got killed trying to use it on him. my point was it's more of jaraiya's responsibility than kakashi's. you haven't proven why kakashi is an asshole at all. also when jaraiya came back he only took on one pupil, kakashi had three. besides that jaraiya is a greater ninja being a sannin. i think you really need to stop helping my point.

p.s. (this a side note) you are probably going to receive an infraction for double posting. if you catch it before this use the edit button to add the other post in your previous one. double posting is posting two times in a row just so you know.
What does that mean? Kakashi is the one that decided to become a team leader, if that was going to be too much for him, then he should've either stayed in ANBU or been a private tutor and took Sasuke on as a private pupil, then he could focus on Sasuke all he wanted, since he couldn't do anything for Naruto.
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