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Re: Anti-Sasuke FC

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
Normal Naruto fans:Sasuke is acting all dark and angsty... friggin' emo...

Sasutard: He saw his parents die man. Its like a black parade.

Normal: Yeah now his bro kill himself to make him un-emo, but nooo. He has just to kill a whole village.

Sasutard: Dunt judge him like that. He's

Normal:He don't want people to judge him, yet he spend an hour doing his hair and brag about killin an entire village?

Sasutard: Oh yeaah? Neji, Hinata and Naruto ahve bad childhood. Why you dont call them emos?

Normal: Becuz they dont spend hours crying. Neji is a jounin that kick ass. Hinata is busy with how to woo Naruto. While Naruto, he's busy thinking bout ramen.

________________________________________ _______________________________

Naruto: I was with Sasuke at the park. He's listening to MCR in his I-Pod and went "This song is making me emo and angst. Come on, Naruto! Give me a punch!" So I went over and punch him with all of my might. But he said "No, Naruto! I want a big punch!" So I went back about 10 feet, activate Kyuubi mode and ran to him as fast as I could, and punch him with all of my might. And he still goes "No, Naruto! I want a really big punch!" So I went back 50 feet, ran to him as fast as I could, and punch him in the face with all of my might! And that damn emo still goes "NO, Naruto! I wanna really, really BIG punch!" So I summon Gamabunta...

Gamabunta took his sword out and hit Sasuke with the handle part after a "100 km height" leap...
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