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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by jasminegreen View Post
What does that mean? Kakashi is the one that decided to become a team leader, if that was going to be too much for him, then he should've either stayed in ANBU or been a private tutor and took Sasuke on as a private pupil, then he could focus on Sasuke all he wanted, since he couldn't do anything for Naruto.
exactly, same with jaraiya except he had a long time to deal with this. please know that you are very biased toward hating on kakashi and not taking responsibility for naruto and jaraiya. just cause kakashi taught sasuke chordi and helped him that one time doesn't make him an asshole. it just means he favored sasuke at that time. also he probably felt that since gaara wasn't a leaf shinobi and a killer that sasuke need more techniques. remember in naruto's battle with neji he gave him quite a few chances for surrender but i don't think gaara would've.

if you feel like discussing more on this matter i would like more facts to help prove your case. also please fix your other post where you posted twice in a row it's against a forum rule and i don't want to see you have an infraction.
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