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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by Sauron View Post
lol, kakashi said that to jaraiya about the rasengan because it is a very good move. i'm not saying his chodori isn't but rasengan is at a level rank. he said that to him because he feared that naruto might hurt sasuke as his teacher. he doesn't want naruto to become a killer.

About that passing on the torch it's a fail. you denounce jaraiya had the responsibilty to teach naruto from the start. yet he should take over after kakashi got him to a certain point. thanks man, you are really smart. it's unbelievable how you are twisting some of these events.

my opinion is this you can blame who ever but at the end of the day naruto will take responsibilty. he should've started listening to his teachers more instead of clowning around. after iruka showed his kindness naruto became more interested in becoming a leaf shinobi. so after that if naruto wanted private lessons then naruto should've found better spare time than right before his match to ask kakashi.

i need better proof than what you are giving me. if you really want to try to prove your theory then why not talk about how naruto got the thousand years of death when the others didnt? or how kakashi should've made time to train naruto to become team leader since he wanted to become hokage and his dad was the 4th. i'm just saying i think those are much better reasons than i don't like how kakashi did his job as a teacher. no one complain about his teaching except you. naruto would've said something if kakashi didn't teach him anything.
No one except me is complaining on the thread, yes. But in other threads online, people agree that Kakash was a crap teacher. Well, another example, Naruto was the only one Kakashi ever hit or put down for the matter. Or, if Kakashi knew Naruto's basics were bad, why didn't he say anything until the Chunin exam. Why would he wait that long to tell Naruto that his basics were a mess?
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