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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
Opposite in that she has a big set of knockers? That kinda goes for a bunch of girls in Naruto... ESPECIALLY Hinata. lol.
Lol.. no I meant personality wise...but look at ll the discussion Sumoi's big boobs turned into...yay!

Originally Posted by Otachii View Post
-Suddenly pops up out of no where because she's good like that.-

Wow and people critisize me for my love of KakaSaku... Regardless of whether or not Kyuubi can take on a human form (and if it can I doubt it'd be female) the Kyuubi is a thousand year old demon so no matter what it looks like wouldn't that still be considered age-play? I'm all for crack but I mean c'mon, NaruKyuu? Just not feeling it...

But besides that... hello everyone! Once again I appologize for my absence, things have continued to be hectic around here but I promise I will at least attempt to be more active. ^_^;

So like what'd I miss besides I'MNOTCRAZY's sudden jump into crack coupels?
You just missed some boob wasn't really NaruSaku vs. NaruHina again...but then we went to crack pairings...and right now, NaruSumo (Ha! it even sounds cool!) is what I'm liking....
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