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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by Sauron View Post
so you are saying that the sannin prepared them for the chunin exams or the zabuza. i mean you are comparing a sannin to a jounin. i'm just pointing out where responsibility lies. which is exactly what you are arguement is about. you don't like kakashi because he isn't a sannin that can teach an super effective move. also he tends to teach one student first because he could die if not taught a move that he could only do. oh and we shouldn't grade the teacher on time.

btw, learning and getting all their butts kicked in his bell test was a training. they do it again latter to see how much they learn. also go on missions was a training when kakashi took them to the village for the bridge. all of that protecting the bridge builder. i mean what the hell am i talking about you're right. that is what you want to hear, right? there is no excuse life isn't fair for naruto because villagers messed with him and kakashi taught sasuke 1st and omg he didn't learn the basics. weak excuses that don't hold up i think we can really say this is over can't we?
The Chunin exam? What did Naruto and Sakura use in the Chunin exam that Kakashi tought them? Sakura lost in the priliminaries, in the Forest of Death, she was pathetic, all she did was cry and cut her hair. When Naruto fough Kiba, he used his shadow clones, which Kakashi didn't teach him. Then during his fight with Neji, he used what he learned from Jiraiya. You're the one that brought up Kakashi tought them the important basics and that that was what counted. I was stating the fact that he didn't teach the basics.
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