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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

Originally Posted by MaFrog View Post
@Uchiha-anwar are you trying to convince ME? ahahaha. No Way man, give it up.

and you're trying to convince the wrong people with those guys. There's no point trying to make those guys see your point of view, they will stonewall you all the way and rightly too, I might add!

hey, your idea is good, but you're not using the right people. Try different charactors.... mmm, how about Shik marries the girl with the glasses, but Temari is the real girl he's in love with. Temari comes on the scene and wrecks havoc with his emotions...

and Welcome again to Angelsakura.... even though I've a feeling Im not even a member of this Fc... I don't know
I see ur point..and i already thought about shika temari thing..but some one else did it and the plot is so funny so i wont bring something new by making another one about them.
and i wasn't trying to convince anyone with not doing these doujin for hinata doing it for all ppl who read and watch naruto..hinata fans might not like it cuz i changed hinata a little for reasons that is long enough to mention but thats fine by me..nothing is gonna be liked from all ppl nor hated.

one more thing to clear cheating i don't mean naruto sleeping with sakura..there is no dirty stuff in these doujin..he just had one lawsy date wtih her.

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
The concept is insulting to Naruto's character. It's not funny at all. Wait... who ever said that she was the love of his life??? She's his first CRUSH and a good FRIEND. Besides, how Sakura always hits Naruto whenever he does something to annoy her... that can't lead to a good long-term relationship.
oh really? i didn't know that a non-real character can be insulted or take an talken by ur methods..the concept is "insulting" and not funny is at the very end ur opinion..others will find it funny and dont harm the characters at all...

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
So Hinata deserves someone besides the person she's always loved love her back, who is her perfect compliment in pretty much every way possible?!\
I don's see that naruto is the most fitted one for hinata as u fact i don't see anything similar between them..common his not even romantic..he farts in public for god's sake..she is innocent enough to admire him cuz of his potential and "wont give up" kind of nindo..but i really hope she will end up with a real man..someone like neji or even rock lee..the only way am gonna accept hinata end up with naruto and be happy with is that what hinata wants and wished for all that time..and i like to see her when shes happy.

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
So Hinata is some silver-metal Sakura replacement?! And you call yourself a Hinata fan?!?!?!
for naruto?..yes u can say she is,and yes am one of the biggest fans of hinata..and i dont know how u understanded other wise from what i said..i don't give a dame about naruto's happenes..i care only about hinata..and he if cheated on her then he deserve whats going to happen to him in the doujin.

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