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Hi all finally we got the AMV FC here on naruto-central WOOT!! I dont have much time at the moment so ill just post a couple naruto videos i made and one i didnt make but really like. Late on when i have more time ill try and get some guides and good plug-in site addys up.

The ending of a friendship
: I made this one using adobe premiere pro cs2 the song is until the end of time by 2pac.

Naruto HC Tribute
: I made this video using adobe premiere pro cs2 the song is feels like today by rascall flatts

Rock Lee's Shiny Teeth : I didnt make this video but i really enjoyed it because the song really fits rock lee. If didnt know any better i would have thought rock lee really did sing this in the anime. Anyway i hope u guys enjoy it as much as i did.

If you like AMVs and/or enjoy making them feel free to post a request for membership or u can just pm me or zer0systm with ure request for membership.

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