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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC


Courtesy of teh Shad0w_Hunter

To get us off this whole argument

How do you think Hinata will deal with her personal issues? For example, how will she overcome her timid nature? How will she deal with her family life and become a good clan leader? Will she become clan leader? How would Naruto's acceptance of her feelings affect her success? How would Naruto reciprocating her feelings affect her success? What will/would Hinata change about the hyuuga clan? Is she capable of changing the Hyuuga clan?

MOST IMPORTANTLY:Why do you think the way you do? Please don't give me simple yes and no answers. Give me a well-thought-out reason as to why you feel the way you do.

Edit: Seems i was a bit late in getting my post in >.>

Edit again: reciprocate = returning.

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