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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

...Well I'm lost as to what the current conversation is about, something about clothing people. >_>

I got a new topic though, sort of a fun little game I like to play. You know those AMVs that pair characters with songs that fit them? Ya know, the theme song ones! Well I like to do that for my favorite pairings and I thought it'd be fun to let you guys join in if you want.

Just pic your favorite couples and a song you think fits them and their relationship! Provide links to the song or lyrics if you can and want to.

I'll go first (and last depends on if anyone wants to play);

Neji & Hinata- Anywhere by Evanescence

Kakashi & Sakura- Siren by Tori Amos

Inuyasha and Kagome- Don't Let Go by Sarah Mclachlan and Bryan Adams

Well I have a lot more but I'll just do the tip of the iceburg so I'm not here all day. xP
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