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Re: Databook 3


Hyuuga Neji

Ninja ID: 012587
Age: 17
Birthday: 3rd July (Cancer)
Height: 172.1cm
Weight: 54.2kg
Blood Type: O
Personality: Cool-tempered, Realist
Favourite food: Herring soba
Least favourite food: Pumpkin
Wants to fight: Naruto
Favourite phrase: "Progress in leaps and bounds."
Hobby: Meditation

Graduated the Academy at 12
Became a Chuunin at 15

Missions completed:
D-Rank: 26
C-Rank: 19
B-Rank: 4
A-Rank: 11
S-Rank: 2

The genius of Hyuuga leaps ahead, with neither cloud nor mist obscuring his keen eyes!

- His easy use of the Byakugan clearly stems from his excellent analysis and judgement skills.
- The basis of his strength lies in his ability to see precise chakra flow and his unrivalled tenketsu-hitting taijutsu.
- Through hard work and study along with his natural gifts, nothing can elude Neji's vision!
- The calm, rational Neji. The hot-blooded, zealous Lee. Could there be a more well-known team?

Even among the Hyuuga, the clan styling themselves as the "strongest clan in Konoha", Neji's ability surpasses all other Hyuuga. He believed himself to be cursed as a member of the branch family, and held a great loathing for the main family and the village in general. However, his peers in his family and village have melted his heart of ice, and now he fights for his village and his friends. He now stands as a true Konoha ninja, and rose rapidly to the rank of jounin. He has now even surpassed his clan and with his prodigious ability, he is now highly respected among the youth of Konoha.

Ninja ID: 012753
Age: 17
Birthday: 9th March (Pisces)
Height: 164cm
Weight: 47.3kg
Blood Type: B
Personality: Diehard researcher, busybody, tact of a sledgehammer
Favourite food: Baozi, Zhimazao
Least favourte food: Umeboshi
Wants to fight: Temari, Sakura
Favourite phrase: "I never miss my mark!"
Hobby: Fortune-telling

Graduated the Academy at 12
Became a Chuunin at 15

Missions completed:
D-Rank: 28
C-Rank: 23
B-Rank: 3
A-Rank: 7
S-Rank: 1

She dances a deadly dance with innumerable blades flying through the air around her!

- Her speciality is a two-stage attack using exploding tags. She now uses more weapons than ever before.
- She uses her weapons to hold off her enemies, then works in perfect sychronisation with Lee and Neji to corner them.
- One of her most important roles in the team is to keep Gai and Lee focused, because who knows where they'd end up if they're not concentrating.

She polishes and sharpens her weapons every day to be as sharp and deadly as possible, and it shows. Even Akatsuki were caught off-guard by the variety of weapons that Tenten brought into battle! But that's not all Tenten does. Her calm demeanour and focus guide the team through their missions, and when it's battle time, her long-range attacks allow her team to take the initiative. If Tenten weren't there, none of her other team members would be able to use their own ability to the fullest. For Team Gai, where each individual member is already extremely strong, Tenten is the vital element that cements them together.
Rock Lee

Ninja ID: 012561
Age: 17
Birthday: 27th November (Sagittarius)
Height: 172cm
Weight: 54.7kg
Blood Type: A
Personality: Zealous, loves training
Favourite food: Chinese-style curry rice, curry pilaf
Least favourite food: Doesn't have any
Wants to fight: Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, Naruto
Favourite phrase: "All you need is hard work, guts and love!"
Hobby: Hard work

Graduated the Academy at 12
Became a Chuunin at 15

Missions completed:
D-Rank: 25
C-Rank: 21
B-Rank: 4
A-Rank: 10
S-Rank: 1

The great green beast gallops to great heights, with a heart and fists inherited from his master!

- Team Gai is definitely a taijutsu team. With carefully-controlled breathing, they work together flawlessly to deliver a range of attacks, cornering Kisame.
- Lee tries to learn all of Gai's techniques. Even while on missions, his training never ends.
- He works towards reaching and possibly surpassing his master. But when it comes to vigour and eagerness, he even surpasses Gai! When the two of them are together, the word "impossible" just doesn't exist any more!

For someone like Lee, who was dismissed as utterly talentless, taijutsu was his one ray of light. He has always and will always respect Gai as the main who showed him the light at the end of the tunnel and guided him along his path, and maintains his insatiable urge to keep working at improving himself. The spirit of hard work he inheried from his master is a part of him forever, which was demonstrated splendidly in the surprise attack against Hoshigaki Kisame. He has been though terrible training, experienced fierce setbacks, and is now at the stage where he could be considerd a master, however Lee's training will never end. He remains stoic in his never-ending drive to train himself and develop himself!
Maito Gai

Ninja ID: 010252
Age: 30
Birthday: 1st January (Capricorn)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood Type: B
Personality: Passionate, moved to tears easily
Favourite food: Really hot curry rice, curry udon
Least favourite food: Loves them all!
Wants to fight: Kakashi!
Favourite phrase: "Burn with the flame of YOUTH!"
Hobby: *see notes in thread*

Graduated the Academy at 7
Became a Chuunin at 11

Missions completed:
D-Rank: 86
C-Rank: 270
B-Rank: 210
A-Rank: 199
S-Rank: 23

With hot-blooded zeal pulsing through his veins, his fists are like swallows taking flight!

- He dodges like a flash, then wields his body like a weapon to smash against his opponent!
- A master of hand-to-hand combat, Gai is also highly proficient with weapons. But he prefers to use bladeless weapons.
- Gai looks nowhere but forwards. Since he never looks back, maybe his memory's been slightly affected...

A body tempered like steel, and taijutsu that can shatter boulders... But neither of those are the true source of Gai's strength. Rather, it is his constant eye forward, his unending desire to work to reach new heights. This is what made him a taijutsu user able to stand toe to toe with an Akatsuki member. Gai focuses everything on improving himself, and will willingly put his life on the line. Gai's way of life has been passed on to his students, who don't just think of their own needs, but of the needs of their entire team. Becoming highly proficient on their own, then using teamwork to reach even greater heights... Gai's teachings of the vigour of youth now show brilliant results!
Originally Posted by SomecrapaboutKabuto
Rough translation of Kabuto's profile page. I couldn't translate most of the captions because the characters aren't clear enough: if someone can provide better scans, I'll do them then. Also, take all this with a tiny grain of salt: again, I had to guess at a lot of the kanji and there's always a chance that some of them could be slightly off.

Sidebar, 1st page: Serving the wicked, forcibly manipulated by the snake, he's the manipulative shadow!

Knowing neither family nor country, he spent his childhood in the role of a spy...because of this, for Kabuto, the concept of good and evil has no particular meaning. Serving power or possibly opposing power...The scent of darkness and death clings to his journey as he searches for "himself", only to confront overwhelming power.

Sidebar, 2nd page: At the end of his wanderings, he drifts---that is humanity opposing the way of the snake.

"Double Spy" (Probably "double agent" would be a better translation, but the katakana literally reads "spy", so you could go either way)

For all that Kabuto was known as Orochimaru's faithful subordinate, he was originally sent in by Sasori of "Akatsuki" for the purpose of sounding out Orochimaru's movements. However, as his self had been erased from crossing over the world, in the eternal life-seeking Orochimaru he finds a wicked light...!! And when that light was born shining, he saw his own shadow: Kabuto also found his own existance. In that moment, for the first time, Kabuto recognized himself.

Caption: He has a purpose from when he decided to serve Orochimaru. Something about him has changed.


In serving Orochimaru, he obtained confidence by having "someone" defined for him. For Kabuto, Orochimaru's defeat meant that his self disappeared as well. Because of this, Kabuto took Orochimaru, the "symbol of rebirth", into his own body. The wicked surge that pushed up from within, along with the corporal stimulus that accompanied it, gave the real "true feelings of life" to Kabuto...!!
Continued in the next post.
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