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Re: Databook 3

Itachi Uchiha
- (no rank, ndt)

How much can you see with your Sharingan?

Ninja registration number: 012110
Birthday: 6/9 (21 years old, Gemini)
Height: 178.0cm - Weight: 58.0kg - Blood type: AB
Personality: cares for his brother, self-sacrificing
Favorite food: omusubi (konbu) (edible kelp, ndt), cabbage
Food he dislikes: steak
Person he would like to fight: Sasuke Uchiha
Favorite word: peace
Hobby: visiting shops where you can eat sweets

Graduated from Academy at: 7 years old
Became chuunin at: 10 years old
Mission history: 53 D-rank, 152 C-rank, 134 B-rank, 0 A-rank, 1 S-rank

He sees everything with his scarlet eyes, and hiding his true dream he acts in a play in which truth and lies are mixed together....

"As expected from my son"—His father, head of the military police unit of the village, was always proud of his son. "You're so distant..."—His younger brother loved him and admired him, though at the same time he couldn't repress the jealousy welling up in him. Everybody was envious of his outstanding genius, yet that talent actually proved to be a very cruel burden.... Because of his skills, he was chosen by both the village and his clan to work as a spy. He was also extremely intelligent, so he could take a broader view of the situation, and this eventually brought him to drench his hands in blood to the point of committing a most terrible sin, thus marking the end of the clan's history. He is undoubtedly a hero, yet he never achieved fame and renown. He was too gentle to be a shinobi, and it is indeed an irony that his gentleness was the reason why he had to live his life as a ninja.

He awakened the Sharingan when he was 8 years old. It is hard to conceive how much grief has been reflected in those eyes...

In addition to the obvious doujutsu and genjutsu powered by the Sharingan, he is also very skilled in taijutsu and ninjutsu.

(balloons: "...All people live relying on their knowledge and understanding, and so are bound to them. They call it "reality".")
His view of life and death comes from the long and harsh path he had to walk.

{page 036-037}
Everything he did was for the village and his brother... The truth about that tragic event is revealed.

A thorny path amidst the strife
The origin of Itachi's suffering dates back to the time when Konoha was founded. More precisely, to the dispute between the "Senju clan", which produced the Shodai Hokage, and the "Uchiha clan" led by Madara. Not even the unification of the village could mend the crack between the two sides. The village, afraid that the Uchiha might raise a rebellion, ordered Itachi to secretly investigate the clan. Meanwhile, the Uchiha sensed the government's suspicions and had Itachi spy on them. The two parties' views on justice and pride were completely incompatible, and the heart of a young shinobi was torn between them...

(balloons: "But that... was actually the opposite. Itachi leaked information about the Uchiha to the village. He was what one would commonly call a "double agent".")
Village and clan. Reason and emotion. To work for a greater cause or to save one's honor. Itachi was tormented by many contradicting beliefs...

Suspicion leads to the Uchiha's rebellion
At the beginning it was just a feeling of dislike. But then, be it casual or inevitable, a "natural calamity" called "Kyuubi" attacked the village. Many of the inhabitants believed that it was actually a "man-made disaster" provoked by the Uchiha, and eventually their suspicions turned into reality...

(balloons: "The Uchiha clan schemed a coup d'├ętat to take over the village...")
The Uchiha conspired against the village that had doubted and persecuted them: they schemed to take over sovereignty. Fugaku, Itachi and Sasuke's father, led the coup.

A nightmare born from love....
The village or his blood ties—Itachi, who desired peace more than anyone else, was confronted with the worst of choices....!! To bring peace to the village—no, to the world, Itachi carried out the slaughter of his clan. The only person he could not bring himself to kill was his little brother. In fact, not only he let Sasuke live, he also made him believe that he himself was the traitor. He took both the hidden ambition of his clan and the groundless distrust held by the village and carved them into his forehead protector, forming the shape of the "nukenin" mark; then he left the village, alone. It was all for the sake of keeping their sins and evil away from Sasuke's eyes. He shouldered "reality" alone and left the fictitious image of a noble clan behind for his brother to see...

(balloons: "Live a shameful life...... Run... Run... And cling to life.")
(balloons: "...he avenged the slaughter of the Uchiha clan. And he made you a hero in the eyes of Konoha.")
He induced Sasuke to hate him to make him into a hero.

Even in the dark society he still felt nostalgia
Itachi entered Akatsuki, which posed a threat to Konoha, because by doing so he could watch it from inside. Even when he was wrapped in a jet-black cloak and despised as the embodiment of evil, his heart was still filled with thoughts of the village and his brother.

(balloons: "The reason is that he wanted to warn Danzou and the rest of the government that he was still alive.")
He investigated the situation of the village as an "enemy", and despite being hated he still prayed for its stability more than anything else.

{page 038-039}
Hiding the truth about the fight behind his back, he breathes his last as a nukenin.

I'm sorry, Sasuke...
...There won't be a next time.

[As "Akatsuki"]
To keep the act he put on for Sasuke believable, Itachi had to leave the village and to play the part of the villain by targeting Naruto, thus he complies with Akatsuki's missions. That is his present reality....

(balloons: "It's been a long time... Kakashi-san, Naruto-kun.")
He deceives Akatsuki by persistently chasing after Naruto and at the same time he keeps an eye on the attitude of the village.

[The pledge of the brothers]
What to Sasuke is the abruptly arrived "day of revenge", to Itachi is the promised day he had foretold on that tragic night. That night he lost his dreams and his future... Now Itachi has entrusted everything to Sasuke and is able to bid farewell to him with a smile on his face.

(balloons: "You are my spare!!")
Itachi provokes Sasuke with genjutsu. But even that is an illusion.

(balloons: "*pant pant*")
His fingers apparently reach out to gouge out Sasuke's eyes, but they actually tap him lightly between the eyebrows, like he used to do in the past.

Realizing his mission and feeling his death approaching, he leaves the light of his dreams to the next generation....

[Finishing touches]
Sasuke was so caught up in the darkness of revenge that he had resorted to a wicked power. Perhaps Itachi realized that his last mission is to free his brother from the evil that restrains him... He pushes him to his limits, so that he can dig out the snake and seal it eternally with the incorporeal "Sword of Totsuka". At last, he puts an end to Orochimaru's relentless obsession with the Uchiha's body.

(balloons: "...So you did have something else...")
(balloons: "Eh?")
Orochimaru is defeated by the sword he himself had looked for.

While carrying out his task as a member of Akatsuki, Itachi became certain of one thing: Naruto would be able to save Sasuke, as well as the village. This is why he entrusts his feelings to him, together with a great hope...

(balloons: "...I'll say it one more time. I just want to talk with you.")
What kind of future could Itachi's eyes see in Naruto?

[Mangekyou Sharingan]
Itachi sacrificed himself, and by having his brother witness his death with his own eyes he left him the "Mangekyou Sharingan". "I will always exist with you"—Itachi arranged everything so that even after dying he could still protect Sasuke.

What future is reflected in the heavenly eyes Itachi left him? Hope? Or else...

Ninja ID: --
Age: 18
Birthday: 1st October (Libra)
Height: 202.1cm
Weight: 75.8kg
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Careful, cowardly, ferocious
Favourite food: Small fish, milk
Least favourite food: Chicken
Wants to fight: Doesn't want to fight anyone (normally)
------------------Wants to kill everyone (bloodthirsty)
Favourite phrase: "I wish everyone could abandon their strifes and be at peace."
Hobby: Playing with birds, bathing in natural springs

Graduated the Academy at ?
Became a Chuunin at ?

Missions completed:
D-Rank: 0
C-Rank: 0
B-Rank: 0
A-Rank: 0
S-Rank: 0

Unstoppable power and fury! Juugo is the source of the cursed seal!

- Juugo's murderous attack. The black curse changing his very form is a darkness that even he himself fears.
- Juugo's sociopathic alter ego appears against his will, and with it comes the guilt of the deaths it has caused. This constantly beats against his conscience, isolating him from the world.
- The regular Juugo enjoys all the fruits of nature, which makes his alter ego's acts weigh on him all the more.

Juugo's personality is usually quiet and unassuming, but when angered, no human is safe from him... This has caused a fearful village to label him as the "Scales", where anything could tip the balance. Juugo saw himself as a cursed being, and shut himself away in a cave from everyone. The one who found him and saved him was Kimimaro, who was himself the last remnant of his own Kaguya clan. Following Kimimaro, Juugo allowed himself to be one of Orochimaru's test subjects. And so, the cursed seal was created. But as time passed, Kimimaro died, then Orochimaru followed him... Juugo shut himself away once more. But then a light appeared, the one that Kimimaro had given hs life for...Sasuke. Juugo then emerged from his cave to test Sasuke's power.

Continue reading, there is moar.

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