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Re: Databook 3

Page 292

Top half of the page:
Jutsu name: tsuchi ton - tsuchi ryuu kakure no jutsu i.e. Earth escape. Mole bury no jutsu. (okay, I suck at this)
C rank ninjutsu. Complementary type of jutsu.
Users: Deidara/Tobi

Title: Hidden underground but yet able to move around freely, this truly is an top escape jutsu!!

Picture Caption: By perceiving the magnetic forces underground, the user does not lose sight of his position.

Text: Chakra is used to change the soil into fine sand grains. The user then proceeds to dig a tunnel underground like a mole. As the user is able to move around when underground, this jutsu is good for launching surprise attacks. Moreover, the user can dig deep underground and quickly escape to a place that is out of the opponent’s reach.

Bottom half of the page:
Secret Ninjutsu
Jutsu name: Clay bunshin
Rank not indicated.
Complementary type of jutsu.
User: Deidara

Title: To deceive and capture the enemy with an earth dummy! There is no escape from its stickiness!

Picture caption: The moment from which Sasuke’s hand goes through Deidara’s body, the latter takes the form of a earth dummy! The clay hardness changes. It twines around the opponent’s arm and locks him in place.

Text: Among all the other “bushin jutsus” out there, this is the only one that does the dual role of allowing the user to both escape from, and capture the opponent. This highly convenient jutsu is unique only to Deidara. When the clay bunshin receives an attack, it catches and traps the enemy. If Deidara mixes “exploding clay” into the clay bunshin, it is possible to make it explode with the enemy still caught with it!! (Me: Remember back then when Deidara's clay bushin exploded in front of Kakashi, Gai and the others? That one was made with exploding clay. The one that trapped Sasuke was probably not made with exploding clay)
That's all about Deidara. Fangirls, tsk, tsk. They translated this much.

Chidori variations Sasuke uses


Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Chidori-gatana (Sword of the Grass-cutter: One-Thousand Birds Katana)
User(s): Uchiha Sasuke
Rank: B/Range: Close/ Type: Supplementary Ninjutsu

/Penetrating through all, the pale sharp blade with a cry of thunder!/

"Chidori-gatana" is a jutsu named particularly for it's use of "Chidori"; the "chakra current" is the infused lightning nature elemental chakra, which increases the sword's cutting edge. The radiant shearing blade not only cuts steel apart with ease, but also takes away freedom of the victim's body through numbness!

(Pic of sword stabbing Yamato)
<-The "Chidori" flows from the blade to the enemy's body. Receiving the electric current petrifies the muscles, and movement therefore becomes impossible!

Chidori Eisou:
Chidori Eisou (One-Thousand Birds Cutting Lance)
User(s): Uchiha Sasuke
Rank: A/Range: Close, Intermediate/Type: Attack Ninjutsu

/Composing a song of death, the lance of lightning!/

Possessing the right form of electric discharge and combining it with a "stab" in a display of power, this is a jutsu essentially adapted to mid-range attack with it's "spatial recomposing" of "Chidori" in lance-form. Although inferior to Chidori's power of a single shot, it cuts the risk of the user for the sake of longer range, giving the advantage in the use of surprise attacks and traps.

(Pic of Sasuke impaling Itachi's KB in cave)
<-Converted into lances, "Chidori" impales the enemy's body, then is further "spatially recomposed" into radiant form to finish the deal.

Chidori Senbon:
Chidori Senbon (One-Thousand Birds Needles)
User(s): Uchiha Sasuke
Rank: A/Range: Close, Intermediate/Type: Attack Ninjutsu

/"Chidori" transformed into a swarm of needles to fire at the enemy!/

This is another variety of the "Chidori" "spatial recomposition". Among the pinnacle of jutsu from the lightning nature elemental, countless sharp "senbon" shapes are converted to fire off at the enemy, all to put better emphasis on speed! The sound of the chakra being fired off as "chi chi chi" together with the flying swarm of dazzling needles are just like that of a thousand birds! Also, combining it with the "Sharingan" allows for better effectiveness in targeting an opponent's vitals.

(Pic of Chidori Senbon being shot out)
<-The more chakra is used, the greater amount of "senbon" there is to fire off.
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