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Re: Databook 3

Continued from above.

[Illusion and reality]
Ever since he was little, when his brother stole eveything from him, Sasuke's utmost goal has been to take revenge on him. Now that they met again they throw knives and countless genjutsu at each other, each for the purpose of realizing his own desire, that is to crush the other's dreams! But in this fight in which illusion and reality intertwine, there is one truth Sasuke has to rely upon: the tragedy of that night. And the seething hatred for his brother, Itachi.

(balloons: "Try to recreate it.")
Ever since that day the two Uchiha have walked different paths. But fate pulls them together again and invites them to fight.

Both of them use countless genjutsu while at the same time throwing daggers and other weapons at each other. Calling this fight breathtaking is an understatement.

Sasuke is cornered by the eternal hell created by the "Mangekyou Sharingan"...!!

Perhaps on account of his deep hatred towards his brother, Sasuke manages to beat the "Mangekyou Sharingan", whose abilities are way superior to the ones of a normal "Sharingan"...!!

Revenge is finished.... And now another bloodstained quest for retaliation awaits him.

Sasuke abandoned his village, friends and teacher to defeat Itachi. His trump card, "Kirin", might as well be called a compilation of all the pieces composing his nindou, since he devised it combining a Katon jutsu — Uchiha's forte — and the Raiton he was taught by Kakashi. With this technique he tries to put a stop to everything, but Itachi, as if reading his brother's mind, counters with the secret jutsu "Susanoo"...! The two final techniques collide, swallowing hostility, sorrow, past, future—everything, and sublimating it beyond the rainy sky...

(balloons: "To make a Raiton jutsu!")
Sasuke pronounces his "last blow" and thousands of birds starts chirping around his arm...!!

When his desperate fight is over, Sasuke collapses to the ground beside his fallen brother. Cold rain washes away their sins.

Revenge is accomplished. Yet the only things Sasuke earned from it are a harsh truth and his brother's sorrowful love... Remorse, loss, desolation—the feelings that fill up his heart turn into drops and fall from his eyes. His brother's back, which he thought he had surpassed, grows dim far away, beyond the tears. When he eventually realizes that he will never again be able to reach him, the wishes left by his dearest person appear in his eyes....!

(balloons: "The erasure of your cursed seal and the death of the person closest to you... The fight was also aimed at making you awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan.")
Besides giving Sasuke a new power, Itachi also released him from Orochimaru's curse.

(balloons: "...crush Konoha.")
With the power and wishes Itachi left to him, Sasuke heads towards his new goal: destroying the village his brother had protected!
There, full Sasuke info.

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