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Re: 420 Predictions

Naruto's training.

Pain sucking mind's getting frustrated and throwing a kunai right threw someones head. Poof! Kawarimi. 'Gather! Someone knows, find them. Scatter!'

Fukusaku is spying on Naruto after Naruto sneaks out. Shocked expression on face. Thinking 'What power'.

Tsunade is warned about Pein, she's about to go and show what she is made of when Kakashi pops up with a few drops of blood coming from the middle of his forehead. 'Pein's here, and he's powerful. Don't let him touch you, he can drain chakra to a degree we have't seen since...'

'Since what!'

'He posseses the Rin'negan.' Shocked expression on Tsunade.

Naruto is shown with his secret jutsu.
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