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Re: 420 Predictions

I believe that since each one is bent on a certain purpose, and each character that is sent to face a path of Pain will somehow be natured to fight that opponent.

Demon Realm Pain vs. Team Gai (Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee)
Animal Realm Pain vs. Anko
Hungry Ghost Realm Pain vs. Kakashi & Gai
Human Realm Pain vs. Team 10 (Shikamaru, Ino, Choji)
Hell Realm Pain vs. Team 8 (Kiba, Hinata, Shino)
God Realm Pain vs. Tsunade

*Note: I want Neji to be going against the Human Realm Pain for some reason too, but I didn't match that up.

I don't think Team 10 will be putting up much of a fight or be fighting much at all, its just for Shikamaru to learn their fighting styles up close. Also, with the Human Realm's ability to steal a person's soul and gain a person's knowledge, this would be a great fight for Shikamaru to use his wits.

I put Kakashi & Gai up against the Hungry Ghost one, in order for Kakashi to see their potential of eating one of his chidori or ninjutsu, but Gai's there to help out/not be outdone by Kakashi.

Anko I put up against the Animal Realm Pain because Anko I believe can summon snakes, or at least use them in attacks so that would be good to use against summonings. If she isn't used here, I'm not sure yet of who to put against Animal Realm. Maybe some other ninja in here too. Animal Realm is the main distraction I think, so either a team goes to fight against her, or a one-on-one battle breaks out.

Team Gai I put up against the Demon Realm Pain because I figured Neji's rotation to block the "rockets", Tenten is there to use her artillery/weapons, and Lee for sheer power.

We're not sure on all of Hell Realm Pain's powers yet, so I left that one open with putting Team 8 against him.

I'm not sure how Sakura will fit into all of this, but she may help out Tsunade-sama. She needs to not get killed, but witness Tsuande dying or see her dead. I think she may fight Konan, but the fight ends when Konan turns into paper again and flies away to see the God Realm Pain; or she is sent to protect the dead Pain body with Shizune.

I put the God Realm Pain against Tsunade because it is only natural for that one to go after the greatest source of intellegence (and kishi will finish off the senin that way). That will be a great battle.

*Note: Either at last minute the lightning shinobi come to help out in the fight, or they arrive in the aftermath of all the destruction. Word gets around to the 5 nations, this signals an even more urgent reason to unite against Akatsuki. If Konoha is attacked itself, how long before the other 5 nations will be as well? That will be a main uniting factor.

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