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Originally Posted by MaFrog View Post
thanks 4 that.
There is too much there guys, I could go on and on

We don't see alot of her interaction with her father in manga, I don't know about the anime.
Two things could happen; she will either have the courage to stand up to her father, and that means simply being more assertive - and then she may have the confidence to enter into combat.
or vice versa; she will get confident fighting and then be able to face her father as a capable young adult.
What does her father want from her? Does he dislike females and think they are weaker than men? Why does he have such disdain for her?
It's her father she's ultimately trying to impress, isn't it? as well as Naruto.
She's transferred her need to be accepted, and gain approval, from her father onto Naruto.

btw, I have more to say but I have to go
I think she'll get confidence first... if she doesn't already have the strength to fight, but first she needs an opportunity to stand up for herself. She has to be put into some sort of mental state where she's just had enough. Maybe

I think I already stated my theory on why Hiashi holds so much disdain for Hinata... of course, his distain is also resulting from her weakness, but that could also simply be his rationalization and justification for his contempt for his own daughter, while there is something more profound deeper in his psyche.

Well, that is true, but also her wanting Naruto to notice her results from an admiration for his qualities which she wishes to emulate, and ultimately, if he does notice her, it would mean that she would have succeeded in changing herself... of course, she also wants him to acknowledge her because she loves him, but that's beside the point, the point being that him noticing her would mean that she had succeeded in changing herself.
I do believe that this will happen because change is a critical theme in Naruto. More than that, Naruto is always a catalyst for change in the series, even from the very beginning. It is Naruto's dream to become Hokage, and by doing so, he wishes to make everyone respect him, changing everyone who hated him.
Hinata has changed on the outside, but she really hasn't changed on the inside as of yet, so she will most likely change soon. Naruto, failing in changing Hinata by the end, would kill the theme of his changing everyone. To obtain his goal, he has to change those around him. Before that, the series can't end.

...Wow. Sometime, I even amaze myself with the profoundness of my own thoughts... that I come up with on the spot. No joke, I never thought of that until I wrote it...
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