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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

eheheh... its very profound - you're right! but you are a thoughtful guy, and very smart.

Hinata has to get confidence, we can all agree on that. She has to believe in what she has, she has the byakugan, for a start. I also believe that 'something' needs to happen to push her forward, maybe similar to what happened with Sakura.
Once Sakura made a choice she was going to start getting involved, or being an effective shinobi, she began to advance. <don't want to go on about Sakura... yer, yer, I know what you think about Sakura >

Hinata's trouble is coming from her father, for whatever reason, he is not a good parent. He gives no encouragement. Still, from the anime I can see a change in their relationship, Im sure Hiashi has softened toward Hinata.
In a weird way, Hinata uses Naruto as her confidence boost. She does not get it from home, and so she must seek it somewhere else. Naruto fills that need she has.

yes, Naruto is about change, and he will change Hinata, but after saying that - yes, Hinata has to change herself. No one can change her, but her. She has to make the decision to change.
She just has to believe in herself, is all.

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