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Re: 420 Predictions

Originally Posted by bulensoy View Post
i bet the frog is watching while naruto practices his secret jutsu hehehe not a secret anymore... maybe frog-fu can help improve that secret jutsu or complete it sooner...

im very anxious to know if naruto can finally master any genjutsu technique since its his weakest part.. hope frog-fu includes genjutsu techniques...

naruto in sage mode! pain's abilities revealed! what more can u ask for?

can't wait for 420!
Well the two frog sages had that really powerful "singing genjutsu"..Also Jiraya had some genjutsu too even though he was more of a ninjutsu type fighter...Naruto will probably learn how to disrupt genjutsu with his flow of chakra being enhanced by nature chakra. He probably won't learn genjutsu itself...
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