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Re: 420 Predictions

I'm a academy student so yeah I'm new to this forum. Must have miss that posting by Katon707.

I was saying the same thing in Pain vs Naruto thread and somebody said that the piercing was just for the sake of Pain likes to feel pain.

So don't you think that by taking out those plugs from their body will nullify the effect of rinnegan? If that is so than we have discovered Pain's weakness!

Of course not just anybody can get that close and be strong enough to pluck the piercings head on!

Could this be derived from either the codes or the autopsy?

Right know I am imagining that Naruto tearing Pain's flesh which locates the piercing with Rasenshuriken (more focus attack thanks to Sage Training, not like the Kakuzu bombing). Wham! There goes one Pain body, permanently disabled!

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