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Originally Posted by tomiE* View Post
Hello all! First time posting, but I've been a long time fan of Naruto. I'm not use to or familar with any or some of the acronyms that are used so do excuse my noobness. Anyways here's how I think will happen in the next and later chapters.

Pein continues his rampage throughout the Village killing a bunch of no name Leaf Ninjas as he searches for the 9th tails. As word hits Tsunade of the invasion she gathers up a few of the ninjas: Kakashi, team Yamato, team Guy, team Asuma, and team Kurina(sp).

Each team will fight each individual Pein, including Tsunade who is fighting against the God one. Epic battle goes on between all the ninjas against the Pein individuals. During the fight with team Yamato, Sakura ends up getting injured, forcing Yamata and Sai to protect her and defend themselves. Pein seeing that Sakura is injured attacks her as Sai rushes in and recieves the blow and dies from it. With tears in her eyes, she grabs and holds Sai as he speaks softly, "I read in a bood that at times when needed, friends will sacrifice their lives in order to save their own friends....." (something among those lines since he learns from books nowadays). Sai slowly dies, all while Yamato is forced to fight against Pein by himself.

Somehow, and a couple chapters later, each of the team end up killing each of the Pein, all except God Pein. Each of the teams are exhausted from the fights, they try to recooperate as Tsunade is stilling fighting.

He proves to be too much for Tsunade, throughout her fight she has been using all her ninjutsu. She is slowly getting weaker, and also getting older in appeareance as well as the fight goes on. Remember some of her ninjutsu improved her healing and strength but at a cost her age or something familar if I recalled correctly. Sakura and Kakashi are the only ones able to come help Tsunade and as they arrive they, Tsunade is badly beaten, forcing Kakashi to fight and Sakura to tend her sensai's wounds.

God Pein proves too much for Kakashi also while Tsunade is done being healed she tells Sakura she will use her most powerful move. Sakura warns that it will take too much toll on her body and she won't survive if she does. She reponse by saying, "All my life, I couldn't save the ones I love. I couldn't tell the person I love, I loved him. I couldn't live the life I wanted. I couldn't do anything. But what I can do, is save this village. I am the Hokage." Sakura bursts into tears as a flashback of her memories show. Flashes of Kakashi, Susake, Naruto, Rock Lee, Sai, all the people who protected her as should stood there and couldn't do a thing.

Next scene shows an epic battle between Tsunade and God Pein. With what seems like the final blow to God Pein, Tsunade stumbles from the dust and slowly falls onto the dirt, she smiles as Sakura rushes to her. A conversation is made between the two as Tsunade dies in her arms. All is relieved, or so they think. From a glimpse, under the rumble flashes of all the Pein revive and all jump towards each of the ninjas one at Kakashi, Sakura, Shikamaru, Kiba, Neji, and Yamato with some sort of weapon. Another flash shows the faces of the ninja is they are caught in surprise.

Next scene is black, you hear is the loud clank of metal against metal/flesh. Each of the shinobis open their eyes, blood is splattered across their face. A hand is shown, blood dripping. You see the toad armor and his fist. The view goes up to his arm then to his face. It's a dark figure and all that comes out is "I don't let my comrades die...." he grins as the view from the shadow to Kakashi (like the same scene when he said it to Naruto and Sasuake back in the Haku story). He opens his eyes and you see him in sage mode in the same outfit as Jiraya.

Now 6 Naruto's fight the 6 Pein's. With his new found powers he easily beats them all. Seeing that Naruto is too strong, the Pein's come together to where the God one is. All the Naruto clones followsuit and join Naruto as they all fight again, but this time he is losing. The rennigan is too much, since they can see all the views. Naruto is force to use is ultimate move, (not sure what it is, didn't really bother thinking about it) but it somehows destroys all 6 Pein's. They all stumpled down on top of one another is Naruto is shown breathing hard as he had used up a lot of his energy.

Soon the 6 Pein's get back up and Naruto is in disbelief. And it finally hit him, "The real one isn't with them...." He looks around, feels out the air...He sees Kona way on top of a building watching. That must be it she tells himself. He rushes to her, dodging and hitting every one of the Pein that tries to stop him. But it's no use, they all are seeing through all his moves. "Where is he running to????" All the Leaf Ninjas ask themselves as they see Kona themselves far far away. Soon they realize "The real one isn't with them."

Kakashi and the rest of the team, knock and disrupt each of the Pein's and their attacks to stop Naruto. The view goes to Kona's eyes as you can see Naruto getting close. She is in fear, she tries to run but it's too late. Naruto punches her in the face knocking her out. All the Pein's vanishes. Kona poofs into the real Nagato. *Suspense music* The story goes to a sidestory to show why Nagato disgused himself as Kona the whole time.

Nagato from what we learned didn't like killing. But at the same time he wanted to protect the Kona and Yohika(sp). Somehow both the real Kona and Yohkia were killed during the civil war in the Mist when they were adolesence. Seeing that he couldn't kill personally he made up the images and digused himself so that way he could kill by being someone else. That's why he wanted to capture the bijuu's to create a war that would end all wars. He was trying to do what he couldn't do, save and protect his two friends. Because perhaps if there were no war, Kona and Yokia would have lived........

Well that's what I think will happen, what you guys think?
Dude well done I could see those scenes in my head while i read it.You got fan fiction skills
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