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Re: 420 Predictions

Originally Posted by gamatoyo View Post
At first three Pains were killed by Jiraiya. Then those three came back to life, team up with the rest of three Pains and killed Jiraiya. Upon that, one Pain was killed permanently.

I wonder how was that one particular Pain got killed permanently. The same method could be used to kill those individual Pain currently in Konoha.

Any ideas/guesses? I'm leaning towards those buttons on Pains bodies and faces.
I sincerly doubt it. I think they in fact function closer to that of the borg. They share a collective network with resources that they split and share amongst each other. As a result, they all can call upon the healing and chakra regeneration properties of each other. However that is not without its limits. If enough damage is done to one, it will sever the connection that one has with the collective resulting in either severe damage or possibly death. However as J-man's warning mentions, the real leader of pein is not with the group but seperate. This individual acts as the central hub or controller of this collective. If he dies than the rest will lose their connection capabilities and be easily killed. The only other way to defeat pein is to severely over tax the network. That is where each member of the rookies comes in. Each is perfectly suited to face the other. That is why I predicted kiba would face the animal realm and neji would face the demon realm. Kiba would be a perfect counter to the animal side while neji could use his gentle fist techniques to effectively counter any chakra explosives that could be thrown without sustaining severe risk to himself. I assume of course that demon realm is in some ways similar to that of deidira but who can say for certain.

that won't work cause iruka knows what akatsuki look like he's like the hokages right hand always i really think this guy has a lot more then he shows.
I would not be so sure about that. For one you are over inflating Iruka's role in the village. As much as he is a jonin in the village, he is also constantly in charge of the regular operations of the ninja academy. He also is not always privy to information that become available. Besides his role lately has become more and more tuned down suggesting that he could very well be one of those that gets killed during the akatsuki invasion of konoha. It certainly would not be a major character loss if he died since we all pretty much can guess that shikamaru might very well replace him in the not too distant future. My gut feeling is that iruka probably will be eventually on borrow time much like ino whom also has a very minor role and thus would not be a major character loss though her death in front of sakura would certainly be a wakeup call.
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