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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by jasminegreen View Post
The Chunin exam? What did Naruto and Sakura use in the Chunin exam that Kakashi tought them? Sakura lost in the priliminaries, in the Forest of Death, she was pathetic, all she did was cry and cut her hair. When Naruto fough Kiba, he used his shadow clones, which Kakashi didn't teach him. Then during his fight with Neji, he used what he learned from Jiraiya. You're the one that brought up Kakashi tought them the important basics and that that was what counted. I was stating the fact that he didn't teach the basics.
Just recently started going over some of the old episodes and found a few interesting things. you are probably going to have a lame response to this but atleast this is some proof that he did teach them something while injured and that he thought of naruto atleast. btw that is why i didn't really respond because the same things are being said over and there is no logic to your theory.

naruto here demonstrates that he doesn't know what chakra is. which is an indication that he doesn't know the basics.

sakura has just got done explaining about chakra and naruto doesn't get it. so kakashi gives a further explanation of it.

that is an example of what he is talking about.

here is him finishing up to lead up to tree climbing.

here is kakashi thinking of both naruto and sasuke and how the training will really pay off if they get it right. now the training has to do with chakra control and later we see naruto has a problem with it.

looking at it from the beginning again i can honestly say that kakashi wasn't an asshole. now he might not be the greatest teacher for naruto at that time but who can really tell what might have happened.
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