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Diss @ DGLG

Tsk Tsk Tsk, U said the word NIGGA
I rap, so i guess i'm one to ....go figure
U said rap sucks, now lemme ask you a question
What the HELL are you doing in the FREESTYLE SECTION?
Ya'll bigots need to stop wit the racist statements
Sittin in front ya' screen hatin in ya damn basement
Trick or treat, dude you sweet, came out the closet you did
Ha ha silly rabbit.........TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS
I'll slaughter you non-violently until you scream help
So hot I'll make the flesh on top of ya bones melt
Leave you layed out like leaves and hurricane debris
Please, I'm gun powder heated to a trillion degrees
I'm an explosion like none other
I'll make the Sun duck and run to find cover
I naturally, seperate chu mathematically
From yo' lower capacity, and ignore the laws of gravity
And lift yo spirits, matterfact i'll take u down
I'm so deep, i live in grounds underneath the ground
Where my dungeon tribal cheif
Decapitates the weak and uses skulls as a wreath
Like a platinum neck piece, u smell like rotten meat
Yo soul indebted. I'll feed you to the six-headed beast
Let him feast, hip-hop is dumb and its wack?

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