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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Bleach 329 Spoiler
spoiler from mangahelper
posted by spacecat

The scene changes to the shinigami from the 2nd division

Omaeda is shaking with fear

Soifon “Omaeda, are you scared of a real fight after such a long time?”

Soifon “It’s so painful to watch you without sympathy. It’s a good chance! Just die while you are at it”

Omaeda: “Huh!? What are you talking about? I’m not even scared and I’m surely not gonna die”

Soifon”..I see, so don’t die then”

Omaeda “I’m gonna do that, without you saying it”

The scene changes to Barragan and his two fraccions

Barragan: “Kill them, don’t leave even a bee. No enemy you beat shall survive” (Soifon’s name has a kanji which means bee)

Barragan: “Do not disappoint me. Let me walk on the road that is dyed with our enermies’ blood”

Barragan: “Tell me!! Who is your boss!!!”

Two francions: “We are fractions of the great emporer Barragan Luisenbarn(?)” Then they said a sentence or two more.

Scene changes to Lilinet and Stark

Kyouraku …That kid, can you tell her to retreat from here?"

Stark "…Why?"

Kyouraku"If that kid is here, I can’t fight with my full power. Aren’t you the same?"

Lilinet: “What the hell?”

Stark: “Shut up, lilinet”

Stark: “…Well, it’s ok even if you don’t fight with your full power. I won’t fight with mine also”

Ukitake: “…What do you mean?”
Stark: “I’m just such a person...characteristically”

Stark: “How’s about just pretending to fight and wait until the other fights finish?”

Ukitake “…what?”

He was interrupted

Kyouraku: “That’s~~~~ great!! I might want that too!”

Kyouraku: “…But this time it won’t happen that way”

Stark “..I see, it’s troublesome” He draws out his sword while speaking.

The scene changes again to Hitsugaya and Rangiku

Rangiku:“Captain, I’ll take that three fraccions. So the espada in the back is yours”

Hitsugaya: “…understood, I’ll leave them to you”

They “Shunpou” right after they talk

Fracion: “Can we go now?”

Halibel: “wait”

Then, Halibel confronts Hitsugaya.

It ended with everyone (except Yama-ji, Ukitake and Lilinet) drawing out their swords about to fight

Aori: “The war begins!”

The comment at the end “Some fans sent me a premium sake and 100 roses for Gin’s birthday. Amazing… just like Aizen”
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