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Re: 420 Predictions

seriously tho, i think Pain messes up the village. Eventually Tsunade comes out and Pain fights another Sanin. Naruto, within the next few mangas, comes back eventually to see Pain taken over the village waiting for him. BAM epic battle.
wait, maybe not take over the village because Sasukes new goal is to destroy Konoha. Characters in this book aren't exactl let down. if thier goals are just taken away, then they have nothing to achieve. There's never realyl a major let down. Like "Oh, i was gonna kill this guy but someone got there first." Doesn't happen like that in this series.
So maybe Pain fucks up the village. fight with Tsunade, Naruto comes in fucks up Pain. Which leads to Tobi/Mandara/Obito ( possible total shock to Kakashi) comin out. eventual emotional battle between Sasuke and Naruto (Being it that Sasuke actually feels ties to Naruto and Sakura *who'll probably die in the fight*), leading to Naruto's loss of it and letting the Nine Tails out, fucks up the village, then WHAM Tobi/Mandara/Obito fights with Yamato to controll him leading into the destruction of something. possibly mandara/naruto or the village hidden in the leaf.
sorry. that won't all happen in one manga, just a long term prediction. lol
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