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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by angelsakura18 View Post
i totally agree, its InuKag for sure, coz the InuKik lacks something major (although i must say they did really loved each other so much) and its TRUST. if they did really trust each other, they shouldnt go against each other so easily because they thought they are betrayed, but, then again, i couldnt blame them for easily breaking their trust to one another, Naraku is one nasty enemy and he's very good in deceiving others and there is thatmon-human conflict going on. i easily got bored by them anyway because they are way too serious =_=.

what i notice about InuKag is that they truly established that TRUST thats why they become strong (e.g., "i know Inuyasha will save me" - Kagome, she repeatedly said that countless of time when she's in trouble or been kidnapped, and Inuyasha did saved her =D) and that is why their relationship last, and yeah, their fighting is cute, Inuyasha... SIT~!!! XD
You just totally read my mind Sakura! I completely and utterly agree. There's absolutely no denying that Inuyasha and Kikyou were in love and have a special sort of bond but without trust it just pales in comparisson to what Inuyasha and Kagome share. True enough it was Naraku who set the stage but ultimately it was the lack of faith in eachother that caused what happened between Inuysha and Kikyou. I honestly believe that if Naraku tried something like that with Inuyasha and Kagome his plan would be thwarted because Kagome would immediately know it wasn't Inuyasha or there was something wrong with him and the same for Inuyasha with Kagome.

And I mean c'mon, how can you deny the cuteness of it? Sure it gets irritating how they're always fighting and constantly in denial about how they feel about each other but it's just so adorable how they go back and forth and the tension, I think, makes it that much sweeter. Besides, they have their lovey moments and I think all the bickering allows you to appreciate what they share that much more. ♥

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