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Originally Posted by Hikaru View Post
i rarely post but i have got to say this...

Pain is the most broken anime character that i have ever seen in my 20+ years watching animation, he is so broken right now that is not even funny.
I agree with you man and on top of that anyone strong enough to stop him has been dead for decades now it's a new era and nobody in this era has enough power to stop him nobody.

But seeing in how naruto will arrive soon with fukasaku on his shoulder it means pein's little reign will be over soon. In times like this i hope there isn't to much plot in a fight however naruto does have past fight training on his side. What that means is when he fought garra he beat him purely from his never give up thing and everything he learned from jiraiya and kakashi he put together and used it there was no plot in that fight basically.

Maybe he can do the same here take kakashi,jiraiya,fuksaku combine it and win only this time it will be against someone way tougher then garra lol.

Either way mr."i want to show the world pain" will be dead by the end of November.
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