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Re: 420 Predictions

Originally Posted by Tunnel View Post
^So basically there is no true way to master hermit mode since you will end up a frog in a fight if you move .....
I don't think that is the case. When Naruto was training balance, then came a bird on his shoulder and he fell down. Well, he went all the down, got crashed, complain about it and yet maintain the sage form.

It is meant for Naruto to truly master hermit mode. I'm just guessing that Pa Toad will give a hand for now by sitting on his shoulder. The texts said Pa Toad is there to eliminate RISK of turning to frog. Let's just say getting from "not moving to go sage mode" to "using sage mode in battle" will not be an easy transition.

Last time when people expect Naruto to fight Pain, they complain that Naruto achievement in sage arts are too fast. Now when Naruto getting help on the shoulder when going for sage mode, people starts saying that Naruto can only go that far.

Have faith in Naruto will ya! For god sake, he is the manga title. He will suffer along the way, but at the end he's getting everything just because of that.
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