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Originally Posted by Matthekage View Post
Madara is like Pain, in that he has a secret. He even mentions that Itachi's Amaterasu trap would have killed him, if Itachi had known his secret. Madara is no Pain. Madara has been defeated, Pain has not. Madara is a shell of a man, Pain is a GOD.

It has been mentioned which is the stronger Kekkei Genkai, and it's not the Sharingan.
Pain is not a god not even close to it if he was a god he would never die madara lost to one of the top shinobi's ever i would rank him in the top 3 of greats. Madara lost to a man who was very powerful madara was able to control kyuubi shodai was able to control bijju sarutobi was called the god of shinobi in his prime yondaime defeated kyuubi and split the damn thing in half nidaime used kinjutsu for fighting along with super powered water jutsu with no drop of water around. These are true great shinobi who have the ability to call themselfs god not some random person who defeated to old men and voila he's god lmaoo the only people who consider him god is his fc konan and we all know how powerful she is lol.

Madara;s fight created a landscape pein's toughest fight landed him his first body death and the exposure of his secret. Madara holds akatsuki pain is his bitch. so he can shoot lasers out of his head wowzers konoha maru can dodge them he can shoot his hand like a rocket itachi can shoot flames out of his eyes that would obliterate all those bodies. He can form energy feilds to push ppl back yondaime can summon a god and ripp his soul out or tag him with a mark then kill him anytime he wishes.

He can summon big ass monsters those monsters got owned with human hair he can rip your soul out if he catches you itachi and summon a god a true god to kill him.

His rinnegan was said to the strongest dojutsu out of the original 3 history wouldn't know that if you rip your brothers eyes out you gain pms history didnt know that if you kill your best friend or watch someone close to you die you can gain higher power then the sharingan.

Pein can summons a statue that can extract the bijju chakra mianto can summon a real god that can kill them all. H eis only "god" when you stack his abilties up but disect them with normal shinboi power that have been throwout history and pein is nothing more then a mere bum and a pawn in madara's game. There is a reason madara will live longer then pain.
Madara lost boo hoo his fight created a landscape with a river that never stops flowing those were first generation shinobi they have been surpassed from their village by 2 others in hiruzen and the 4th.

Pain beat down a guy older then sarutobi holy shit he is kick ass he then need 6 bodies to finish off a one handed man and still lost one body killer pain truly is a god he is so bad ass now that he makes kakashi looks weak cool he beats down on iruka sickkkkkkkk and when it's all said and done the same one handed man who was destroyed by pain thanks to his brain will be the deciding factor in naruto's fight the same kakashi who was beat down will be the one naruto puts all his training together to obliterate a ""self proclaimed god"

Pain is a joke not a god don't confuse the 2 ever. i can't wait to see the laugh on madara when he says thanks for the help bitch.
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