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Arrow Re: Naruto Chapter 420

Title: Battlefield, Konoha

Page 1:
Side: Sage mode Naruto flying in the air

Fukasku: Impressive jumping ability! But my frog leap isn't so shabby either.

Naruto: hey!

Page 2:
Side: Pain who's begin his killing spree in Konoha!! Can Naruto save the ninja village?

Naruto: There's more coming! Now we're at least beginning!

Downed ninja: ooo...
Iruka: are you ok?

Iruka: !

Page 3:
God Realm Pain: Tell me the location of the Kyubi Jinchuruki. Otherwise I will kill you.

Iruka thinking ... (so this is it. this guy is Akatsuki)

God Realm Pain: So speak.

Iruka: I don't plan on telling someone like you anything

God Realm Pain: Is that right?

Page 4:
Kakashi: Making a huge effort to create destruction in order to draw attention. And then secretly trying to conduct a search...

Page 5:
Iruka: Kakashi-san!

Kakashi: Please retreat with the injured over there. Just leave this to me.

Iruka: Understand!

I'm counting on you Kakashi-san!

Page 6:
Earth Jutsu. Flowing Earth Wall!

Page 7:

Kakashi thinking ... (what was just that?)

Page 8:
God Realm Pain: Copy ninja Kakashi Hatake. Very honored to meet you.

Where's the Kyubi?

Sound effect: blood spilled

Kakashi: a foolish question!

Page 9:
Side: Pain, trampling Konoha!! Tsunade's course of action is?!

Ma Toad: If possible I'll go and purchase some fresh groceries

Naruto: Is it going to be frog food again?

Pa Toad: Ma, please make it delicious!

Page 10:
Fukasku: Sage chakra has been mastered well. Kermit hand-to-hand combat and Sage mode has been developed to a certain level. Now there's one last thing to say.

Naruto: What is it? I'm listening...

Fukasku: It's about the risk/danger of Sage Mode

Naruto: Risk/danger...

Fukasku: It's like this, only when you can handle well the risk/danger will you be able to maximize how you use Sage Mode!

Naruto: the risk/danger is?

Fukasku: First thing is that I think even little Naruto can understand. Sage Mode cannot be maintained for long periods of time. Probably can be held for 5 minutes.

Fukasku: And then in order to activate Sage mode, one has to college natural chakra by "being still". This is fundamental.

Which means that you can't use it the moment combat begins. If you can't move you'll become the enemy's target.

Page 11:
To become Sage mode requires having lots of companion at your side to give you free time.

No matter what, you can't become Sage mode while you're alone. The only thing to do then is to leave combat for now and collect natural chakra.

Naruto: WHAT!!! Doesn't that mean it's not usable? So what have I been working hard till now for?

Fukasku: Don't be so discouraged. Am I not here to manage/deal with that risk/danger?

Naruto: What do you mean?

Fukasku: If I merge my body with little Naruto's, it'll be ok.

Page 12:
Naruto: GA GA GA GA GA GA!!!

Fukasku: Even though it's called merging. In reality it's just pressing together the shoulder and spinal chord.

Naruto: what? Why is it ok after you merge?

Fukasku: To put it simply, it's to handle the tasks of 'still' and 'action' separately. When one side is moving, the other side stops drawing natural chakra.

Little Jiraiya also required us couple to merge with him in order to appear in the final Sage mode

Naruto: I see. So that's it!

Page 13:
Fukasku: Just don't worry, little Naruto!
(raise hand)

Naruto: OK!!

Shizune: There's a sudden reaction to chakra density because the black pole is overheated. I think this is strange. This is a high frequency chakra detection device.

Nin: detection device? And what does that mean?

Page 14:
Shizune: In other words this is a Chakra receiver. And it is receiving now.

Nin: a receiver? what's going on?

Shizune: It means this is about receivers... I can't delay my report to Tsunade-sama by explaining this to you

Shikamaru: what?

Page 15:
Sakura: This is?

Shikamru: let's go!

Konoha Top Secret Intelligence

Page 16:
Ino's dad: !

Found it!

Page 17:
Ino: What's happening?

Page 18:
Ino: Daddy! The ninja village!

Tsunade: Finally here?

Page 19:
Fukasku: Hope that child is the "child of prophecy". Can't afford not to hope that way. Because Jiraiya is counting everything on that kid.

Tsunade: set off the special emergency alarm! and then...

Recall Naruto!

I don't review all pages this time,because everything is obvious,just one thing:we already knew that,those black things react to chakras and that's the reason Pain put them on all ears,nose,mouth...of victims yeah that's it guys!!(Pains control all their senses)

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