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your a faggot
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Re: Post Your Pic - Discussion Thread V2

Originally Posted by ryanisc001 View Post
dude two words...... your a Blow Job.

dude you have the intelligence.. of a fucking snail and the ignorance of a 12 year old boy, about to get beat up for messing with my star trek collection.. I jump to conclusions the same way you did fuck, im not surprised though that is a tough connection for your brain to process. The picture is a joke dumb shit.. why don't you do something constructive with your life like..idk sucking your dads dick or, waxing your moms pussy.. you can handle that right? hey lets call it quits before i really rip you a new one.. blow job.
Oh boy, I would be offended, if that post wasnt so fucking hypocritical. If the picture is such a fucking joke, why not say that before instead of getting your panties in a bunch? The rest of your bullshit, Im not gonna even bother responding to since its all just you having your period. Your totally gonna rip me a new one eh? Man, Im shitting bricks right now, but I think Im up for it.

Oh yeah, your a blow job is four words dumbass. And I have the intelligence of a fucking snail? Shut the fuck up faggot

Kraven@ I dont think your in the position of telling him to get a life, when you got all defensive, and reported his post instead of telling him to fuck off. Easier than reporting, and doesnt make you look like a pussy.

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