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Re: Post Your Pic - Discussion Thread V2

Originally Posted by Le0N View Post
Oh boy, I would be offended, if that post wasnt so fucking hypocritical. If the picture is such a fucking joke, why not say that before instead of getting your panties in a bunch? The rest of your bullshit, Im not gonna even bother responding to since its all just you having your period. Your totally gonna rip me a new one eh? Man, Im shitting bricks right now, but I think Im up for it.

Oh yeah, your a blow job is four words dumbass. And I have the intelligence of a fucking snail? Shut the fuck up faggot

Kraven@ I dont think your in the position of telling him to get a life, when you got all defensive, and reported his post instead of telling him to fuck off. Easier than reporting, and doesnt make you look like a pussy.
well i assume people can comprehend something like glowing cigarette, not lit, with puppy dog eyes being a joke.. of course there will always be dumb asses such as you that think in a negative way.. if it weren't for people as you this world would be a much happier place. BLOW JOB is two words Fagatron. Why is it such a big deal anyways, all you wanted to do was talk shit, you didnt expect the person that you where talking to is used to teaching bitchs like you a lesson in life.. go fly a fucking kite, do somthing better with your life other than flamming peoples creations on naruto central forums.

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