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your a faggot
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Re: Post Your Pic - Discussion Thread V2

Originally Posted by ryanisc001 View Post
well i assume people can comprehend something like glowing cigarette, not lit, with puppy dog eyes being a joke.. of course there will always do dumb asses such as you that think in a negative way.. if it weren't for people as you this world would be a much happier place. BLOW JOB is two words fagatron. Why is it such a big deal anyways, all you wanted to do was talk shit, you didnt expect the person that you where talking to is used to teaching bitch like you a lesson in life.. go fly a fucking kite, do somthing better with your life other than flamming peoples creations on naruto central forums.
Not really, if your read other posts, people think you just really suck at photoshop. =/ Besides if it was intended to be a joke, why didnt you make a funny face or some gay shit like that? Why'd you over do it with a cigarette? It made me laugh, but not with you. I can assure you that.

You said "dude i have 2 words for you.... YOUR A BLOW JOB"
Hey I know Im an idiot, but I also know I can count. Thats 4, "fagatron." And Im sorry for being negative? But if the world thought the way you do, well, we'd all be fucking numbnuts walking around pretending to smoke and telling people, "I teach bitches like you a lesson," or "I run this shit." So I guess being negative is better than being retarded. But thats just me.

I didnt really flame you. It was more on the borderline of trolling you or trying to piss you off, but not necessarily something to take offense to. But I dont really care. Take it how you want. We can both shut up and call it a day, or keep going. Ill leave that call to you.
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