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Re: Continue the Rap Game

Im not Em, Im J, Imma be my own man
Got more rhymes and girls that you will ever own, man
Imma be fresh, you gonna be a broken old man
While you playin man to man, I'm in the zone man
And I dont stack narssicism, I stack the cheddar
Don't get mad cuz' you found someone thats that much better
Yeah, I see you see Em reloadin' the beretta
Or is that a nine, read between the lines
I ain't dissin I'm biggin up, here you go ,i.e.
I see your Cyborg Ninja, hes a beast, I respect it
But its not too late, press edit, and correct it^
And if you s**t ya drawers, I suggest you wash 'em
Pass some other lines, I guarantee Ill moss 'em
Ya lines are brushed up, you really need to floss 'em
Your like the Cobra Unit, Im about to Big Boss 'em

I smell a rivalry. Nice sig though.

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