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Re: NaruHina FC

I don't think anyone understood what I said. I'm leaving NL, for numerous reasons, one of which is my loss of interest in anime and anime forums, another being too busy to check in on a regular basis, and several others that you would or would not understand if you read the latest affair of this FC.

Since I'm the current owner, my leave will render newcomers unable to join the member list.

Solution: follow SugoiNaruto162's advice, and restart this FC from scratch. I suggest letting IMNC restart it as the owner, but that's for you to decide.

SugoiNaruto162, a mod's job, if it be based on neutrality, is to stop the arguing without fueling the fire to make it worse. Perhaps Miburo was doing his job from a neutral point of view, but the fact stands that I did not catch his neutral intent until the very end. All that I interpreted from his posts was his defense in favor of BK. Communicating through text is something that's hard to do due to lack of proper expression that allows understanding of intent, and Miburo has failed.

Take it as criticism for future benefits, or misinterpret it as an insult; I don't care. For the last time, good bye, and good job.

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