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Re: Ichigo's bankai

Originally Posted by Yondaime28 View Post
I'm watching Bleach and thinking about Ichigo's bankai. He kinda looks like the Old guy in his sword, right? Also, I don't think he is using his full potential in bankai. So I was thinking, if Ichigo used his full potential in bankai mode would he end up looking like the old man all the way?
I don't read into Bleach exactly as much as I do Naruto, but.... As I understand it, Bankai draws out the (for the lack of a better word) "person in the sword" -- Many people talk about how their Sword's personality is lazy, stubborn.. etc.

As such, when Ichigo uses Bankai he takes on the appearance (roughly) of Zangetsu (the name of the guy in the sword). The interesting thing, as far as I know, is that excluding fillers, Ichigo is the only one with a Bankai that doesn't summon the person "out of the sword".

Clearly the series isn't over, and Ichigo has sorta hit a wall on his *cough* "power" or skill, he has to go up further in order to take on Vasto Lords if they ever show up. I think because of that, he will inevitably discover something more to draw out the sword more.

All I can say, is I'm a bit tired of hearing "Getsuga Tenshou" or whatever over, and over, and over again. Reminds me of Inuyasha a bit, where he basically Spams "Windscar" for virtually half the series.


Short answer: Yes, he will get better. He has to

Keep in mind that one captain said somewhere that Bankai should take 10 years of training to fully master before someone should use it in battle.

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