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Thank you for straightening out the christian part but help me understand the whole point of the Mayan calendar ending. Just because they were better astrologers than others back then and their calendar ends at 2012 doesn't mean it will happen. Yeah maybe some things they prophesied about actually happened but it might have happen because someone or something triggered it to happen.
The Mayan calendar accurately dated back before their own time. It had four cycles, and each one ended on the winter solstice (December 21st). Now, obviously it didn't end, and their calendar extended on for a long time after their downfall. So, they knew their way around telling time, and they based if off astrology. Throughout time they made predictions that the Earth will be over the center of the galaxy along other astrological lines on December 21st, 2012. This has been recreated in a sense by modern astrologers and the like. Their prophecies were more than "people be dying, yo." They prophesied events in a way that it was hard to misunderstand the meaning (loosely paraphrased, they predicted a civil rights movement would occur around specific dates; these dates ended up being the American Civil Rights movement). So, they have some credibility, especially among certain historians.

Another thing about the calendars ending; in Mayan mythology, their gods came down at the end of the cycles and wiped out the people. The gods repopulated everyone and everything, hence the next cycle. But this calendar is going to end and there isn't a cycle afterwards. Nostradamus also made a prediction regarding the end of the world, and his prediction coincides with the Mayan calendar ending. Nostradamus goes into more detail, and it involves astrology, just like the Mayans. It's only theorized that the Mayan calendar ending means the end of the world while Nostradamus's prophecy is outright Armageddon. So, when you have two identical prophecies of almost the same thing but from across a whole ocean and culture and whatnot, people can make relatively educated guesses that shit might possibly go down.