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Re: Fight Teh Power Organization!!

I could flip the fuck out on you and shit if I felt like it, and I'm sure I could persuade people to follow suit. So your comment could result in however much 'drama' I want it to, really. Unless you completely backed down and didn't respond at all, which isn't really your style most of the time. Know what I mean?

Same thing with most FTP shit. If we went "Whoa, that's pretty ridiculous, the powar." And the powar said "Oh, I see your point of view. Let's discuss this civilly, great defenders of JUSTICE." No significant drama would result. That's not how shit happens though, unfortunately. The drama that results is out of our control a lot of times. The most recent situation is a prime example of that.

Also, the way we do things has gotten results. There's no denying that. So there was no flaw in our approach.
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