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Re: Fight Teh Power Organization!!

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
I don't see you posting in any other threads pointing out how trivial they are. Why singling out the one thread that stands for FREEDOM and JUSTICE, eh? Besides, you always were against FTP. I'll search this thread for you anti-FTP shit if you really want me to. Don't try bullshitting. ; )

Uh huh.

And yeah, pretty much everything posted on a forum is rather trivial. Even supposed meaningful things can be considered trivial. "You're discussing politics on a NARUTO ANIMU FORUM;" "You're discussing religion on a NARUTO ANIMU FORUM;" etc. It's a naruto animu forum, for fuck's sake. Pretty much all discussions here are trivial, since they don't really fucking matter.

Infact, one could easily argue that FIGHTING THE MOTHER FUCKING POWER is more productive than what most discussions are about since what we say actually has the possibility of actually changing things. So fuck yeah! Another victory for FTP!
also, fighting the power HERE is not as trivial as politics, etc., as it pertains to well being and efficiency of the "naruto animu forum" whereas the debates don't. So in retrospect, this FC is more FOR the forum, than it is against it.

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