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Looking for a book...

Okay so I'm on the search for a book I read in seventh grade and for the life of me I can't find it! Most likely it's because I can't remember the title or the author of said book so I'm hoping someone out there has read it and will recognize my description and will be able to tell me the title and/or author. >_>; And if not at least some of you will get a good laugh at my expense. -_-

Okay, so the book is about this group of teens that through some odd series of events that I don't recall find themselves trapped in a mystical fantasy world on the search for one of the boys' in the group girlfriend whose some sort of witch or something. The weird thing is that even though the kids are in this fantasy world somehow they are still living their lives in the real world, (kinda like their bodies are on auto pilot) and when they go to sleep in the fantasy world they find themselves back in the real world living out their lives and are brought back to the fantasy world whenever they wake up. That's all I really remember except for one part where the kids get captured by vikings and are forced to entertain them and end up singing Killing me Softly. >_>

Apparently there's a book called A Wrinkle in Time that's got a similar storyline or something 'cause that's the one I keep coming across in my search yet it's not the right book. I'm thinking that maybe the one I read was a remake 'cause I swear that was the name of the book but I just don't know! >_< It's been five years, I can't remember that far back. ._.

Someone out there had to have read that damn book besides me, there's no way I dreamed it up! Somebody, anybody HELP MEEE! PAH-LEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!~! ;_______;
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