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Re: I promised you lulz.

Originally Posted by Freshgrease View Post
Miburo - It's been years. I'm not sure Im correct on this, but if I remember correctly it was a test tube I stole from chemistry lab because I thought the teacher was a bitch. She said I was ADHD like her kid (who I swear had down syndrome), and I wasn't having that shit. I stashed it away in my school bag and threw it on my pile of random junk to be later used for this project. Though at the time, I hadn't thought of the PS2 vibe.

I later found out they cost like $3, and can be purchased on the internets.

While we are on the topic lets talk about where I got the idea. I was a Neon genesis Evangelion anime addict back in the day. Needless to say I was a Rei Ayanami hentai fan. There is one hentai image (probably easily found) that is of her playing a PS2 game resembeling an alternate of dance dance revolution. There is a box on the ground resembeling a PS2 controller with a vibe head coming from the back. She's kneeling with it in her. Panties on ofcourse, but the two sides of the controller are sticking out.

There. That's all there is to it.
Teacher sounds like a bitch, you sure showed her! Oh man, I'm loling so hard. Good shit right here. XD

Originally Posted by sevi View Post
I wouldn't have to react in any way, seeing as I do have a shred of dignity and self respect, and I won't be investigating how to make a vibrator out of my VG controllers nor will I use a goddamn plunger as a massive dildo. And even if some uncontrollable urge were to seize me, I wouldn't describe it in great detail over the internet. >.<

I'll be dead before I take advice from FG on how to react to peer pressure in an animu forum. >.>
All FG did was get humiliated. This could easily happen to you (though, probably not to this degree). If you would act like a little bitch and ignore shit from people just because you got made fun of for some shit, then you'd be a pussy. I assume you didn't realize this, since if you did you wouldn't ask FG why he responded. FG did the right thing here now.

Also, just out of curiosity, why so much interest in the vibe? = )
After FG's response, isn't it pretty obvious? No way that story wasn't going to be lulzy. XD
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