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Re: Shades of Gray Chapter 3

Part two for you, then:

The now proclaimed knight basked in the glow of her lord’s destruction. A week had past since he had visited her and the promise of escape wound tight in her mind. Every night she had stayed awake, prying her eyes open if need be. She wasn’t about to miss her chance, her knighthood. The time was near; she could feel it in the tenseness of her muscles and joints. He was coming for her.

“You’ll all perish!” The knight cackled that night as the nurses pushed her into her cell. They’d noticed her escalated behavior over the past few days and decided a different psychologist should examine her. She didn’t care, she’d be gone soon enough and then she’d crush the Broach’s Institute like the ant farm she knew it to be.

“Relax, Miss. Janks, we’re not going to perish and you are not going to be swept away by a terrorist, this is all part of your illusion.” The psychologist sat on the other side of the steel bars. Her lab coat was white and pressed. The only thing that seemed off was the multitude of pricings in her lip and eyebrows. The knight’s ring finger twitched.

“You roach, you pathetic ant. I’ll crush you under my statue. You’ll remember this conversation as you lay dying and you’ll know.” She spat out at the doctor. Arcana, as the psychologist’s nametag read, stood up sharply.

“Your delusions have gone on long enough! Nurse, please, sedate her.” Arcana turned on her heel and walked away and guards slid open the door to the knight’s cell.

“YOU’LL PERISH! YOU’LL DIE, I’LL SEE TO IT! I AM THE GRAY KNIGHT!” She screamed as the guards clutched her arms. She struggled. Her body thrashed about like a fish without water. She fought on of her arms free and punched one of the guards in the face; his nose broken satisfyingly under her fist. The guard reeled back a cradled his nose. The other guard grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her to the floor. His foot came down on her neck. She wheezed and thrashed. A nurse hurried over and stuck a needle into the bend of her arm. She injected the sedative into her system. A cool sensation flooded through the knight’s bloodstream and she stopped moving. Her breathing drifted off into a peaceful rhythm. The guards lifted her onto her bed and then strapped her to the table.

Her gray eyes opened in a fury. She yanked at her arms and legs weakly, the effects of the drug still in her system. ‘Dammit all! Tonight is the night, I can’t be restrained on this night. I must be alert for my lord.’ She tugged harder on the restraints, but still nothing. She screamed and thrashed her head about. Her voice went raw and she resorted to a heavy breathing that resembled the snorting of a hog.

A voice caught her ears, “Rest easy, my Knight, you’ll be free soon enough.” She nodded vigorously and remained still. She closed her eyes and sighed contently. A promise upheld on her lord’s part, now she would uphold the promise she made, to destroy this vial prison and it’s cursed jailers.

A loud explosion echoed down her cellblock. She made not a noise, her ear taking in the symphony of destruction. Silence settled in before a set of footsteps. They moved with purpose and stopped directly in front of his knight’s cell.

“My lord.” She said, “You’ve finally come.”

“Yes, my Knight, I am here to collect you. I trust you’ll remain still. I’m going to remove this bars that sand in our way.” The man’s voice carved a smile into her face. He attached something square to the bars and the fell into each other. At the same time, the metal that clasped her restraints shut flew off and toward the bars. His knight sat up, the padded handcuffs falling off her limbs. She scrambled to her feet and kneeled. The man put his heavy hand onto her shoulder. She looked up and saw the face of her freedom.

“My lord, my loyalty is yours.” She began to rise as shouts resounded off the walls. Broach’s staff was here to spoil his knight’s great moment. The psychologist, Arcana, lead the pack. Her black hair, which was secure in a ponytail, was distraught. Her lord went to the wall and laid down the clay-like substance known as C4. He blew it and shards of steel, foam and cement flew everywhere.

A large piece of steel shrapnel flew toward Arcana and embedded itself into her right arm. She cried out and grasped her arm just under the wound. Blood dribbled over her fingers. Cement and steel pelted many of the guards. One of them brandished a rod of rebar in his eye. He foamed at the mouth and rattled his final breaths. His knight was pleased.

“Let us adjourn.” He took his knight by the arm and led her out through the exit he’d created. She extended her legs more fully than she needed to, making her whole frame bob up and down eccentrically. Her lord gave a smooth chuckle as they dissipated into the night.

Arcana watched them saunter out. She grabbed the steel protruding from her arm and yanked it out. She gasped quietly in pain. Blood ran out, faster than before. ‘Hospital… I need a proper hospital. I can contact the police from there.’ She gripped the wound tightly, trying to apply as much pressure as she could. She stumbled into the hallway of the cellblock. It seemed like such a short distance on a regular day, but as her blood drained, it seemed like miles more than meters.

She finally made it, tripping over her feet in dizziness. She managed to catch the emergency phone, which automatically dialed 9-1-1, with her fingers as she went down. She held the receiver as close to her mouth as she could, “Broach’s, help, escape.” Her thoughts came out as muddled blurbs in her confusion.

“Stand by, ma’am, help is on the way” The dispatcher assured her. She sighed as her eyes drooped down and into unconsciousness.


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