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Re: Naruto Q&A

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
One more question. Then I should be good for a while. I was on wikipedia, reading the discussion page of the list of Naruto character page. Lot's of bickering, the usual for those over at wiki. And, Anko was brought up. I forgot who she was, so I did a search and found a Naruto wiki talking about her. Remembered immediately, then read on where she formed Team Anko and went on missions with her team of genin, and even Hinata. I don't remember this in the anime, so are these stories in the manga? Or did Kishi make an off shoot comic for Anko? Or are they in the anime and I'm just really forgetful at the moment? I hear she's his favorite character. Thanks for the help.
Anko was the girl who was in charge of chuunin exams.
She was a student of Orochimaru and has the mark of Orochimaru.
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