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Re: Kakashi's death?

Originally Posted by Forlong View Post
But my theory seems likily, doesn't it?

Oh, did I meantion that, the whole time Kisame and Madara are also going to be trying to kill Orochimaru. That'd make the most awesome three-way-fight ever!
Yes, I very much like your theory. It works on so many levels, I'm actually ashamed I didn't see it myself. ^_^

Really is that why Pein is still walking and kakashi is on the verge of death. Not to mention it took more then one ninja to take out the demon realm pein.
Near death? Hmmph. You don't watch many animes or read many mangas do you? Being near death simply means you are limited to only basic functions. Such as flying a complex machine, holding a sword. Holding a gun. Using said weapons. Figuring out a complex math equation. Flying a giant mecha. Using a kick ass fighting move. Tapping never before seen reserves of awesome. Making love. Kicking the bad guys butt. Telling your true love how much she means to you via telepathy. Cleaning a oven. Using C+. Writing a linux program. Driving a car 100+ miles an hour. And programming your vcr. Basically, near death means you are GOD, if you're the good guy, in anime and manga.

edit: My language isn't that bad, I'm following forum rules. Using an expletive here, and there. And not even expletives they censor on tv anymore. Not, back, to back, to back. ^_^

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