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Re: Kakashi's death?

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
actually i read and watch a lot of manga and anime.. and jiraiya was a good guy but that didnt help him either now did it.
However, Jiraiya did find untapped reserves of awesome, to come back to life and give Konoha a final message. Jiraiya was the sage of Naruto. Sages die all the time. Kakashi may have the same fate, but no way will he just simply lay down and die, as one is led to believe in the latest chapter of the manga. And, I have a very hard time believing Kakashi is going to die at all. If he does. I'll eat humble pie. But, just doesn't seem likely to me.

edit: To be honest, it makes much more sense for Tsunade to die. Because I think Naruto sees her as a mother figure, just as he saw Jiraiya as a father figure. But, even then, I can't see why she would die now. Naruto has just dealt with Jiraiya's death. What would the death of another close friend serve? At least, so soon after Jiraiya's death? "Oh, look, Naruto's depressed again. Wait, didn't this just happen like a month ago"? That's my point. Sorry, if I'm coming across harsh. I'm actually trying to be a bit playful. But, on the internet. It doesn't always come through that way. ^_^

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