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Re: Kakashi's death?

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Kishi said lee doesnt have to grow up. Im thinking he said that because he wont get the chance. I think lee just might kick the bucket!
Hmm. Wow. That can be taken so many ways. I mean, Kishi could mean Lee could grow up to be like Gai, never really letting go of youth. But, at the same exact time I see what you mean. Lee's one of my favorite characters, I hope he doesn't kick the bucket. But, I could see Naruto maturing beyond his years because of an incident like that.

I mean, Jiraiya dying, he was older, kids feel sad when their older friends die. But, when someone your age dies. It's so much different. We all remember being Naruto's age and loosing a friend. It makes you a bit wiser. So, I could really see someone like Lee dying.

The only, only plus about something like that would be a dying Lee and Sakura moment. I'm not Lee/Sakura fan. But Lee did risk his life for Sakura. Sakura being remorseful and grateful to a dying Lee might be a catalyst to make Sakura go even further beyond her current situation. By that I mean, I think she feels inferior to Naruto again. Lee dying would definitely make her double her efforts at training. And, possibly make Tenten a more prominent character. I think she has a thing for Lee.

Man, so many possibilities for that death. Now I'm scared for poor Lee.

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