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Re: Rock Lee FC

Originally Posted by Marshmallow73 View Post
Wow, you know, to tell you the truth, I was a NejiTen shipper before... but I've switched to NejiHina... Ohmigosh, I know its incest but almost all clans do that... Now that I see it in a brighter light, Lee deserves Tenten's TLC...

So LeeTen it is for me now... XD

Anyway, I noticed... we've been the only ones in this FC!!! Is this dead or what??? Let's keep it alive til the end of time, ne? For the sake of the lovable, snuggable Rock Lee???
NejiHina... o.o


That has nothing to do with Lee, but I figured I'd get it out there so you know you're not alone. xP That's one of the main reasons I never shipped NejiTen, that and ya know, LeeTen is so much cuter.

Yeah, it seems like we're the only ones in this FC still breathing huh? Shame... but oh well! You Marshmallow and I Otachii will keep the spirit of the BEAUTIFUL GREEN BEAST OF KONOHA alive 'til the world is no more!!! ^___^
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