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Re: Comprehensive List of E3 News--E3 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Kakashi87 View Post
I think that the first two years of the Wii was great because it attracted so much new gamers and casual gamers alike with games like Wii Fit, Cooking Mama, ect... but I think its about time to cater to the true fans that kept the system alive by bring out more games like a new Zelda game built from scratch for the Wii, Twilight Princess was good but it was meant to be a Gamecube game from the beginning. They need to friggin announce an Animal Crossing and a true Donkey Kong adventure game, no more of that DK Conga blast whatever garbage. I think many of you feel the same way.
i've only had a wii for like 4 months-i totally feel that way,
its at times i wonder if i should just save for a ps3 because of the games but i've always been a nintendo girl so =\

theres supposed to be a new street fighter game coming out on 360 and ps3quite soon and i'm hoping they make a wii version
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